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Latest App Reviews September 2016
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Latest App Reviews

1. Food - Scheduling App: Eat This Much App Review

eat this much appEat this much is the new food- scheduling app that helps you plan your daily is a weight-loss app that provides you with daily calorie-controlled recipes. input your diet goals, weekly budget and the kinds of food you like ,and Eat this much will take care of your meal plans.It requires some manual setting up, but once that is done , you can rely on this app to provide you with recipes and tips that help you to achieve your aims.


2. App for storing notifications : Boomrang Notifications app
Boomrang Notifications app helps store notifications to remind you to do things later. the basic idea is that you activate the app and on receiving notifications you get option to put it away in boomrang until you feel like dealing with them. Once you install the app, you get walked through a tutorial explaining its features, its limitations, and the different steps required to set it up. The most important part is that you'll need to give Boomerang notification access to let it handle your incoming alerts.

Boomrang notification appOnce that's done the app asks if you want it to work on all of your notifications or just those coming from specific apps. If you choose to go the latter route, which makes more sense than picking everything in my opinion, you'll be presented with a list of your installed apps where you can manually select the ones you want.
The app triggers whenever you dismiss a notification. It quickly surfaces one to replace it asking you if you want to save the notification you just dismissed or even set a reminder for it for some random time later, tomorrow, or a specific date and time. If you do nothing, this new notification will disappear by itself a few seconds later. boom rang does not work with all notifications, but it works with enough of these to be useful.


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