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Guide OR Mind Reader

mindAt least once in a day every commuter faces the traffic Jam. May it be a vehicle owner or a public transport traveler. Particularly, in metro cities the traffic discipline seems to have collapsed. In some cities no. of vehicles on roads are far bigger than the traffic control infrastructure can take it. Its not only frustrating but develops agitation, perspiration, stress, increased blood pressure and hazards like that for every citizen.


To relieve from this, Ducorp of Brooklyn, USA has developed a fantastic helmet called MindReader. Earlyn Dukao, the founder of the company has been toying with this idea since she was studying in M.I.T. In fact, she had developed a crude model of this helmet while studying. The company claims that the helmet literary reads the sentiments of the person wearing it while traveling. What it means that the helmet actually maps the sentiments and thoughts guiding grey matter of the brain, particularly when the traveler is trapped in a traffic jam. If the traveler is bored of the traffic, the helmet suggests alternative routes or lesser traffic roads, claims the company.
The company has suggested the best usage of this helmet for two wheeler drivers. The EEG sensor located on the front lobe of the helmet maps the brain activity of the rider, thereby exactly locating the prime sentiments generated by the brain. These mapping is sent to the sensors located near the ears. A few other sensors are attached near rider's wrists, shoulders, knees etc. The overall minutest movements and the activities generated in the brain are sent to the CPU. The CPU in turn, via Google Maps chooses the alternative routes for a next few kilometers or less traffic roads on the same routes. An app specially developed for this on the smart phone catches the rider's sentiments and sends the same, via Bluetooth to the processing chip located in the helmet. All these processed data with the help of GPS or Satellite media selects the best route with no or less traffic jams guides the rider to the comfort driving. Along with Earlyn Dukao, Illiyas Coen the data visualization expert has contributed in a great way in manufacturing this helmet.
You need not wonder as to where you are, if you happen to see many a riders wearing this helmet. You are sure you are in Brooklyn.

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