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The Qi Factor

fengshui2It's Common knowladge that the Feng Shui is the art of designing the interiors of a place to promote prosperity and well- being. while many people make substantial changes in the interiors of their houses as per Feng Shui principles, others only manage to add a few elements that are recommended by experts.However not many know the basic maxim that defines Feng Shui. The entire concept of Feng Shui revolves around the idea of Qi or Ch'i . Chinese for energy, Qi is the core point of all the changes and alterations that are suggested as per the feng Shui.


It is not suffice to have house that is designed as per the Feng Shui Principles. The Qi or the energy in isolated areas of house plays important role. For best results you should know where is the centre of energy in your house , how the energy flows from one part to another part and how it interacts with the individuals.

feng shuiwhen all the factors are well - balanced, the Qi generated will be full of positive vibes that will help you to equate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.Positive Qi will help promote the balance between man and nature and it's effects will be seen on all facets of your life including finance, work, relationship, children and health. To put it in layman's term , Feng Shui can help in harmonising all the diverse aspects of your life to create positive energy or Qi.

Authentic chinese Feng Shui takes in to account your animal sign as per your birth year according to Chinese astrology and the related element- Wood, Fire, Metal, earth and water. The best part about the Feng Shui is that it requires no demolition or deconstruction of space. Small changes made in your surroundings are enough to generate positive Qi and lead to better life.

Here are some elements that will enhance your well being through Feng Shui :

1. Flowering plants, aquarium, wind chimes, bells and moving objects such as fountains create positive Qi.

2. Statues and stones help in obstructing negative Qi.

3. Bright objects such as mirrors and crystals, and hollow objects such as flutes are important in Feng Shui.

4. Colours representing 5 elements are considered vital.

5. Intuitive placement of objects that give you pleasure.


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