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Obesity Retained Divorce
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Obesity Retained Divorce

divorceMutual divorce has become a rampant happening in metro cities now a days, but obesity or casual disagreement cannot become a reason for divorce, clarified by Bombay High Court. Judge Abhay Oak and Judge M. S. Sonak, a bench hearing a divorce case, took this stand. It is further said that divorce can be granted if they fulfill the situations or reasons enlisted under Hindu Marriages Act only,The reasons primly under section 13 (1) in the Hindu Marriages Act, 1955, enlisted areextra-marital relations, inhuman treatment, change of religion, mental disorder, leprosy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, absconding for more than seven years etc. Since the case for the bench do not come under any of these reasons, the divorce could not be granted, ruled the High Court.

Matrimony Articles



betrothalThe preliminary part of a marriage ceremony consists of the vagdanam(betrothal) or oral giving away of the bride to the Bridegroom. The well dressed Bridegroom, should go to the Bride’s house with a loving heart along with music and chanting of sacred verses. Then the Bride’s father should give his consent happily.The Bridegroom having propitiated SACHI , should worship the well-adorned Bride and pray to her for good luck, health and progeny. Two, four or eight gentlemen, putting on agreeable robes, with the father of the Bridegroom, having seen the shubh sakuna should go to the house of Bride’s father and request him “Give your daughter to my Son.”  The Bride’s father having consulted his wife etc. should say, “On this auspicious moment I give this girl, born in such and such Gotra, daughter of such and such person and namely so and so.” After this he should recite and verse, this girl has been orally given by me for progeny accepted by you, happy in inspecting the girl, having made up your mind”.

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