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Mukteshwar Temple,Juhu,VileParle,Mumbai
Religious Places in Vileparle

Mukteshwar Temple,Juhu,VileParle,Mumbai

Mukteshwar Temple is seven storey temple situated just opposite ISKCON temple in Juhu. Dedicated to many Hindu deities this temple has a very nice and peaceful ambiance.Regular religious rituals are conducted here.Many tourist visit this place.

With the blessings of God and his holiness Shri. Gagangiri Maharaj, Shri. Pushpakant Anant Mhatre, created the first and unique temple in Maharashtra - Sri Siddha Sanatan Mandir.
Shree Mukteshwar Temple (Juhu) 400 yrs old Shiva Temple,Shani (Navgrah) Temple. Unique Only One of its kind in India 7 storey Temple building: In this way, first time in Maharashtra, devotees can see Gods' different form of Sanatan dharma and culture, in one place. All the court-room (darbar), original temple and Nargrah (nine planets) include one hundred and five of total idols. Lift is available for the seventh floor

History of Mukteshwar Temple:
Earlier The mukteshwar temple had wood and brick-roof, 3 wooden doors, net fence place which was open, place to sit in the temple, flooring of raw Shahbadi tiles and interiors of Shri. Mukteswar. From ancients times, there are idols of Shri. Mukteswar (Pindi), Shri. Ganesh, Shri. Vishnu, stoned (Shaligram) idol of Goddess Parvati, Shri. Hanuman and Samadhi of Saptpurush in the temple. It is said that after kingdom of Peshwe, this temple has been constructed by some Brahmins. During those times, Juhu had large population of Brahmins. Later on the next generation shifted to Gurgaon, Dadar areas for their convenience. They sold their properties to Wadwal, Choukalshi Pachkalashi also to Gujar caste people. Most of these, had come from Thane and Raigad District to Mumbai.

Renovation of Mukteshwar Temple:

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation took some land to widen Juhu-way (currently Shri. Mukteswar Temple way) to forty feet and also to widen Gandhi gram road to 30 feet. During this, Mr. Pushpakant Mhatre thought that the renovation of the temple should be according to Indian Archeology. The Trustees accordingly finalized the day of 24th November 1984. They invited Mr. Gagangiri Maharaj conduct the Bhoomi-pujan of the renovation construction. While laying the foundation, Mr. Gagangiri Maharaj told Mr. Mhatre to construct the temple by the method of Hemand-panthi. Hence the trustees told Honourable Vastu-Scientist B.G alias Bhanudas Bhat to make the plan of the temple. He did it without any charges. As per his advise (Late) Mr. Hariprasad Sompura was appointed as he had scientific knowledge of Hamand-panthi method and had settled to Vile-Parle (Mumbai) from Rajasthan. He started making construction-plan of the temple. As per Mr. Mhatre's advice the art-work, design, sculptor was made of limestone, which was brought from Saurashtra. In 20th century, Mumbai's hugh temple of Hemand-panthi are was created. After ten years i.e. in 1994 the roof-top (kalas) of the renovated temple was established again by Mr. Gagangiri Maharaj, also he laid the foundation of the seven-floored building-plan of the temple. The interiors of Shri. Mukteswar Temple is of white Marble-granite. After the renovation, the deities of Shri. Mukteswar and Shri. Hanuman are in the same place and newly establishment of idols of Shri Ram, Shri Laxman, Goddess Sita, Goddess Parvati, Shri. Ganesh, Nandi and Kurma were in association of ex-trustee and editor of Free Press Journal (Late) A.B. Nair. The opportunity to establish the idols of Shri. Laxmi-Narayan was given to Mr. Pushpakant Mhatre and family.

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