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Alternative Therapies

angels-archangelsHandwriting Analysis and Graphology :

Know yourself, your Personality Traits (Your Strengths and Weaknesses) through your Handwriting which further can be changed by Graphology and transformed into a new positive Personality Trait. So, Change your Personality by Changing your Handwriting . . .

Crystal Pranic Healing :

Pranic Healing is an ancient Science and Art of Healing that utilizes Prana or Ki or Life Energy. Prana is that life energy which keeps the body alive and healthy.Crystal is a subtle energy condenser which can absorb, store, project and focus subtle (pranic) energies. Crystal is a very powerful Healing Tool. Also Crystals help with Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual and Financial Health.

Tarot Card Reading :

The history of the Tarot is shrouded in Myth and Mystery. It offers answers to people’s deepest needs and questions. The concept behind any valid divinatory system are central to the human condition and in this most Exciting, Mysterious and Spiritual form they find expression in universal images ( like Mother, Father, Divine Child, etc), the quest for Immortality and Enlightenment, as well as more traditional virtues of Endurance, Patience, Moderation and Justice.

Tarot is actually a Psychological Study and is also a Journey of Self- Realization. . .

Angel Therapy:

Angels are the “ Messengers of God”. Angels are “ Beings of Light” . Just as we pray to God , we pray to the Angels. Angels are the guardians of Hope and Wonder. Angels are very pure and they work magnificiently. . .

# Angel Card Reading -  

Helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance and Messages from the Creator and Angels through Angel Card Reading. . .

# Angel Healing -

Healing is done with the Help and Divine Guidance of Angels to heal and harmonize every aspect of Life. . .

Aroma Oils :

Used for Cleansing, Purifying of Auras, Chakras, Relaxing and Rejuvenating Mind, Body and Soul . . . Also can be used for Cleansing and Removing Negative Energies from House, Office, Any work place, etc . . .

Sujok Therapy:

In Korean language SU means hand, and JOK means foot. The theoretical basis of this system of healing is the discovery in each hand and foot, shape and points corresponding to each part (organ) of human body. These corresponding micro points (systems) in hands and feet can therefore be used conveniently and effectively as remote controls to treat any diseased organ/part in human body. 

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