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Health Care in Autumn Season (Sharad Ritu)
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Leading a healthy and happy life

autumn-wallpapersAyurveda states that leading a healthy and happy life is essential for the well being of human beings . For achieving this it is required that every human being should follow the “Ritucharya” or seasonal modulations and “Dinacharya” or daily routine mentioned in “Chakra Samhita”

Ayurveda considers 16th Sept to 15th Nov as “Sharad Ritu” or Spring. In this season the Agni or the fire required for digestion and absorption of food is less. This leads to a battery of “Pittaj” diseases namely Piles , Jaundice , Gastroenteritis, Hyper Acidity etc. According to Ayurveda Corn , Ragi (Nachani),Dry Vegetables, Kuloith, Split Red Grams (Tur Dal), Spil Black Gram (Udad), dry and with fishes, Crabs, Lobsters,Onion,Raddish,Ginger,Carrot,Garlic,Sweet Lime, Peach, Mango, Cherry, Strawberry,Pineapple,Dry Fruits,Cows Milk , Buttermilk, Kadhi, Hing, black paper, sunflower oil, mint leaves (pudina), boiled lukewarm water are all considered healthy during this season.

But rice, wheat, white millet (jawari), Green Milet (Bajari), Cauliflower, Field Beans (Chawali),Spinach, Bottleguard(Dudhi),Bitter Guard (Karela),Lady Finger, Snake Guard, Green Peas, Green Gram (moong), Bengal Gram(chana), chicken, mutton, potatos, water chestnut(shingada), beet, sabudana, pomegranate, jamun, dry grapes, banana, almonds, apple, chicku, butter,ghee, buffaloes milk, cottage cheese (paneer), sweets,sugar,old Jaggery,honey,juices, icecream, coriander leaves,earthen pots should be avoided.

ayurvedIn the rainy season the watery and humid conditions lead to an increase in the coolness of the body. This causes slow accumulation of ‘Pittha’ doshas. In ‘Sharad Ritu’ excessive heat is created because of sun beams. This vitiliates “Pittha” dosha which in turn might lead to a battery of “Pittaj” diseases mentioned earlier. To avoid this panchkarma therapy like ‘Virechan’ and ‘Rakt moksan’ should be done.

In Virechan Therapy liberal medicines are given to remove excessive “Pittha” doshas via stools.’Rakt Mokshan’ is that therapy in which blood letting is done via veins with the help of needle or with the help of leech.

Also food intake should be limited and if required taken in small quantities. Curd, oil, faulty foods, excessive heats, strong alcohol,sleeping in the day time should be avoided.

Thus in Ayurveda , sensible eating and strong digestion are the keys to good health. This can be achieved by selecting proper lifestyle and diet according to specific reasons. This also promotes the noble qualities in the person faulty digestive systems and hypo functioning of the digestive enzymes. HCL are responsible genesis of various diseases. This can be refereed to as “Mandagni” seen mostly in “Sharad Ritu” which can be avoided largly.

- By DR. Hasi Sengupta

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