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Asset allocation
Finance Articles and Updates

Asset allocation

Asset allocation plays a very important role in the process of wealth creation. A proper strategic asset allocation can aid greatly to wealth creation or create wealth erosion.
asset allocationWhat is asset allocation?
The division of various financial instruments (for purpose of getting returns) into appropriate categories is called asset. 3 important financial paper (paper money) asset classes are Equity, Debt and Cash. Examples Stocks, NCD, Bonds, FMP, Bank Fixed Deposits, Post Office Schemes. Other asset class categories are Real Estate, Precious metals, Currency. All the above asset classes are usually allocated in an individual’s portfolio for the purpose of investment. The percentage returns generated on these asset classes are different. Asset allocation within a portfolio is of very great strategic significance.

Art & Science of Wealth Creation
Finance Articles and Updates

Art & Science of Wealth Creation

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Traditionally Indian bread winner is the male head of the family, who also takes the key decision on each and every family matter including money matters. The industriousness, financial expertise coupled with business wisdom, of that family head who is in charge decided the family fortune of that house. A wrong financial or a wrong key business decision would bring the whole family to brink of poverty. But now with the migration of families to new places for career opportunities, new paradigm shifts have led to nuclear families. Small nuclear families have to manage their own money and taking the entire bouquet of wealth management and also brick bats of risks associated with personal wealth creation.

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