Be Monsoon Ready With These Amezing Games For Kids
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Be Monsoon Ready With These Amezing Games For Kids

paperboatsIs the monsoon holding up your kids indoors? Children can really miss their outdoor playtime during rainy days. Why not make the most of these days, as there are a innumerable ways to spend time indoors as well as outdoors and have fun! So here is the list of some games for a rainy day ..

Outdoor games:

Boat Race –
We had spent hours having fun with these after the rains had receded. The fast flowing muddy water used to carry our paper boats till they were too wet to stay afloat. Teach your children to make paper boats and show them how the old game was played in the olden days! They will love playing race with their friends’ boats.


Rain Painting – Have you ever seen the pattern that rain drops make in stagnant puddles? The beautiful pattern can be replicated on a piece of paper too! Have your child sprinkle a few fat drops of paint on a white sheet of thick paper. Then ask them to walk around in a soft rain. The rain drops will make a colorful painting merging and mixing the paint in splash patterns on the sheet.

Indoor Games:

1.Billa Game – As cheesy as the name sounds, we had the most fun playing this game. Collect as many as 12 caps of cold drink bottles and arrange them in a square. Now stand at a pre-designated distance and aim a pebble at the billas on the floor. If your pebble hits the billa you pointed out to, you get a point. Maximum score wins!

Other Board Games

1. Pictureka!
This is a fun game with lots of spontaneous thinking and guessing. It encourages the players to be very observant as they have to quickly scan small pictures across the board, looking for a specific picture. The player who finds the maximum number of cards within a short span is the winner. The game is fun for two players and the excitement just keeps increasing as the number of players increase. 2 to 7 players can play. Suggested for 6+ years of kids
Suggested Age: 6+
Number of Players: 2-7

2. Around the World:

With trivia cards based on themes of Geography like People and Places, Culture, Language and Customs, this game lets you “travel” all over the world. Children can learn new and exciting things about countries and cultures.
Suggested Age: 8+
Number of Players: 2-6

3. Twister
twisterNot a typical board game, but definitely a fun indoor pastime, where you can give your limbs some exercise. Spin on; to place you left foot on green, left hand on yellow, right foot on blue and right hand on red! Easy-peasy you think?!! Sorry grown-ups, with your highly flexible little ones, this one will be tough to crack!
Suggested Age: 4+ (even for adults)
Number of Players: As many as you can pool up!

4. Jenga Blocks
Another unconventional indoor game; this one is about arranging these blocks and removing them one by one without disturbing the entire setup and toppling them down. It helps kids build strategy and perseverance while playing the game. You can also sometimes get creative and make Jenga more fun. Write a fun command on each block. The player who pulls it out gets to carry out the command and you could repeat this until the tower comes crashing down.
Suggested Age: 5+
Number of Players: 2 to 6

5. Sequence
A Board and Card game involving logic and strategy, this game has a card deck of 52 cards, except for the Jacks, laid in a 10*10 pattern. The players create rows, columns and diagonals of connected checkers placed on the cards. The player who finishes a specified number of connections first is the winner.
Suggested Age: 7+
Number of Players: 2-12

6.Connect 4
A simple strategy game designed to enhance logical thinking, this game can keep the kids occupied for long. As they keep playing, the kids will figure a way to plan effectively to drop the checkers into the slots tactically.
Suggested Age: 5+
Number of Players: 2 to 6

7. Game of Life
Just as the name suggests, this board game takes the players through everyday life events like going to college, working, raising a family, buying a home and retiring. The goal of the game is to gather as many assets as possible by the end of the game. Assets are earned by working and earning tokens amounting to the money that they earn.
Suggested Age: 6-12
Number of Players: Best with 4

Besides these unconventional board games kids can also play the most popular games of all times such as games like Ludo; Snakes and Ladders; Monopoly; Scrabble; Chinese Checkers and Chess etc.


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